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Remote Control Tanks

RC Tank Let’s face it, when it comes to RCs, none are more badass than tanks. These things are scaled replicas of real military tanks, and some even shoot! Whether you are a child or adult, remote control tanks are some of the most fun toys that any person can have. There is something about that slow, forward movement of tanks that puts the fear into the eyes of onlookers. Fortunately, these model tanks are more available then ever, which means you can wield that power.

Types of RC Tanks

There are two main types of Remote control tanks: toy grade, and hobby grade.

Toy Grade

Toy grade tanks are generally going to be made for children. These will be less expensive, have less features, and will be less dangerous than hobby grade tanks.

Hobby Grade

Hobby grade tanks are going to be way more fun than toy grade ones. Most importantly, most of them will be able to shoot ammo, which in my opinion, is the most fun thing about them. In general, they will be larger, more expensive, and have more features than their toy grade counterparts.

RC Tank Sizes

Remote control tanks come in many sizes. Ranging from the tiny 1 to 72 scale models, up to the gigantic 1 to 4 scale models. Finding out this information before you buy a tank is critical, so you don’t get disappointed when it ships to you and is not what you expected.


These are the smallest scale of RC tanks. Usually, they are not much larger than a few inches long. They can be great for kids to play with. As well, they tend to be the most affordable of all of the sizes.


This size is a great size for children to play with. They are large enough to be a lot of fun, but small enough to be manageable by a child. They will usually weigh a few pounds, and be less than a foot long.


The 1 to 24 scale tanks are the most common size, and is where you will find the most variety in features and prices. If you are a hobbyist, this is where I would recommend starting your journey with RC tanks. These models are usually over a foot long, and some can even shoot ammunition.


This is the largest size non-specialty RC tank. Searching for tanks above this size will usually require you to look for custom manufacturers. Most models in this size range offer rotating barrels, and the ability to shoot ammunition. These tanks will typically be over 16 inches long, and be pretty heavy.


Tanks This size and up will typically cost you anywhere from $200-$500 and up. They usually aren’t mass produced, so they can be harder to find. These can have some pretty cool features, and some even produce smoke.


These things are massive. Some of this scale even measure as long as 8 feet. If you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on one of these, let us know how it is!

RC Tank Features

Remote control tanks have many different features. All tanks will come with the ability to drive around, and most will have the ability to move the barrel around. Other than those two standard features, there are a few special things to look out for:


All-terrain tanks have the ability to operate on almost any ground type there is. Mud, rocks, grass – no problem. Tanks with this feature usually have flexible wheel system, and will cost you more compared to their non all-terrain counterparts.


Smoking is a really cool feature to have on an RC tank. between the look and the smell of the smoke, it makes you feel like you are on the battlefield along side the tank. Typically, the smoke is produced by adding a specific type of smoking oil to the vehicle. Usually, it takes a few minutes for the tank to warm up before it starts producing smoke.


Honestly, if there is only one feature you could have on a remote control tank, this is the one to have. There’s not much as satisfying as watching that tank roll around and blast a shell off into the distance. Paying a little extra money to be able to shoot ammunition is totally worth it. Some tanks shoot bbs, and some shoot air soft pellets. Just be careful, a tank that shoots is not meant to be used by a child. If you are looking for quality RC tanks, check out our list of RC tanks that shoot.

Buyers Guide

We know that buying an RC tank can be a little bit intimidating. There are so many options and features that it is hard to keep all of that information straight. We have a few tips for you before you decide which tank to purchase. For a more detailed list, check out our RC buyer’s guide.

Know what you want

Before you start searching for a tank to purchase, you should probably know what you want. Ask yourself these questions: “Who is this tank for?”, “What features do I want?”, and “How much do I want to spend?”. Knowing the answers to these questions will narrow down the amount of possibilities out there.


A good bit of research should be done before buying your first tank. Reading this is a good start. After, you should Look up different manufacturers, models, features, and specs. Finally, compare prices to make sure you are getting the best “bang” for your buck.


It is a great idea to check product reviews before buying any item. That is especially true when purchasing a remote control tank. It is never fun to spend a large chunk of money on a product, only to find that it does not function as you thought it would. Reading reviews from people that actually purchased and tested the product is the only way to circumvent this problem. Be sure to check out our reviews to see which tanks we think are worth buying.

Where to buy

Once you know which size and model you want, you need to find the place that is going to sell it to you at the best price. In each of our reviews, we include links to the best place to purchase each item, as well as where to buy to get the best price.


RC tanks are awesome, there is no denying that. They are extremely fun, and satisfying to use. We hope you get to experience what it is like to use one of these. There is a lot of different choices out there when it comes to sizes and features, so make sure to check out some of our reviews. Thanks for reading, and good luck conquering the world with your new RC tank!