The Top 3 Fastest Remote Control Cars Under $50 Reviewed

Fast RC Car Under $50 Review

So you want the fastest RC car possible, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. We at Best RC understand, that’s why we put together this list of the fastest remote control cars on the market for less than 50 dollars.

In our quest to find the fastest RC car in our price range, we looked at hundreds of RCs. We looked at their specs, found their top speed, and organized them accordingly. We also included some extra information about the cars in case you decide you want to buy one. We also provide links to the site that provides the lowest price.

If you are interested in some higher quality RC cars, check out our post about the fastest remote control cars cars for adults. So without further delay, Here is our list:

Fast RC Cars Under $50


TOQIBO F1 Review


The third fastest RC car under $50 is the TOQIBO F1.

The RC car by TOAQIBO is a 1 to 16 scale car powered by 4 wheel drive. This powerful RC has a top speed of 15.5 MPH, or 25 KPH.

The incredible speed isn’t the only nice thing about this car, in fact, it is loaded with features. Beyond the 4WD, it is run with a 2.4Ghz remote, that has a maximum effective distance of about 150 feet. That is a considerable amount of distance, and really provides enough space to reach those top speeds. The battery is nicely designed, providing 15 minutes of drive time, while taking 2 and a half hours to fully charge. The battery is charged via USB.

This RC car is incredibly durable, and as well, capable of riding on all sorts of terrain. It is made for riding in dirt, sand, grass, and even mud. The car can really take a beating, as it has a specially designed spring and shock system to prevent sustaining damage in a crash. All of these features are great, and it can be had at an incredible price.

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2. GP NextX RC

GP NextX RC Review

The GP NextX RC

The second fastest car in this review is the GP NextX RC. It has great speed, but also has some features that the other cars don’t have.

The car is rated to go AT LEAST 16 MPH, or 26 KPH, although people have reported seeing it go faster than that. It is powered by a 4WD Driving system with a metal differential gear, making this NextX RC built to last. With a maximum range of 260 feet, this car really lets you have some fun.

The thing that separates this RC from the others in this review, is that it is hobby grade, meaning that it is of higher quality, and meets different standards. There are parts in this RC car that you don’t see in many others in this price range. For example, the previously mentioned metal differential gear, but also, metal ball bearings, aluminum chassis, and low friction tires.

The NextX RC also isn’t built like your traditional speed oriented RC. Instead, it is designed to look and perform like the monster truck models. The huge knobby tires help pull the car through the toughest of terrains, while also providing good grip on smooth surfaces. Like to ride through mud or puddles? No problem. This monster truck design includes a splash-proof receiver, preventing a little water from ruining your fun.

We could go on and on about how great this RC car is. You really just don’t see RCs in this price range with the speed and features that the NextX has. This is a hobby grade RC, and it even comes in at at less than $50.

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3. SPESXFUN High Speed Remote Control Car

SPESXFUN High Speed Remote Control Car Review

The Top Race High Speed Remote Control Car

The last product in our review and the fastest RC car on our list, is the SPESXFUN High Speed Remote Control Car. Get this car and smoke the competition at blazing fast speeds.

The SPESXFUN RC car has incredible speed for a car in this price range, at an amazing 25 MPH! Once it is moving at top speed, it can move almost 8 feet per second. You would be hard pressed to find an RC car that goes that fast even above $50.

This RC is styled after F-1 cars, giving it the aerodynamic shape necessary for reaching those insane speeds. It is powered by a 3.7 volt, 70MAH battery, and the transmitter uses two double A batteries. The driving time on a single charge is 9 minutes, while the time to recharge is 30 minutes.

Although some of the other specs on this RC aren’t as good as the other cars in the list, it is nearly twice as fast as them. But the best thing about this RC car is that it is the least expensive car in this list!.

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How to make the RC car go FASTER

In case the cars in this list are not fast enough for you, we put together this list of things you can do to increase the speed of your RC car.

1. Swap the battery of the car for a more powerful one. This is the best bang for your buck you are going to get when making an upgrade. The higher power of the battery propels the wheels at an increased rate, zipping the car along to all time high speeds. Upgrading from NiCD to LiPo will give a boost, as well as increasing the cell count of the battery. Just be careful, as using the wrong battery for the RC can not only be harmful to the car, but it can be dangerous to you as well.

2. Remove weight from the car. The less weight that the motor has to propel around, the faster you will be able to go. Try removing unnecessary plastic parts on the chassis, or replacing heavy parts for their lightweight counter-part. Just remember, altering the weight of the vehicle may change the steering geometry of it, and therefore, the handling.

3. Increase the wheel size. The gearing on some cars only allow the wheels to be spun at a certain maximum rate. Increasing the power or removing weight can only help you so much. Getting bigger wheels will move your RC car along faster, but make sure that there is no friction between the wheels and the chassis.

4. Change out the the bearings. The cheap bearings that come on the stock cars are usually brass bushings. These are not great and a going to slow you down a bit. To upgrade your speed, swap out for ball bearings. They usually cost about $20 to purchase, and it does not take take a lot of technical skill. As an added benefit, this will increase your battery run time.

5. Change the gearing. Upgrading from the stock plastic pinion to a steel pinion will greatly increase the strength of the gears. While you do this, you should increase the pinion size, as this will make your car move more quickly. As well, you can decrease the size of the spur gear, and it will have the same speed boosting effect.

6. Change wheel type. The type and texture of you wheel, along with what type of ground you are racing on, makes a huge difference in speed. Make sure your tire is matched with terrain type, and for the fastest possible set up, use a smooth tire on smooth ground like concrete.

7. Upgrade to a brushless motor. This is going to be an expensive upgrade, as you will have to upgrade other parts as well to be compatible, but it is well worth the cost. Upgrading from brushed to brushless can sometimes more than double the speed of your remote control vehicle.

Here is a video of someone showing how to increase the speed of an RC car:

If you have made all of these upgrades to your RC, and it is still not fast enough for you, you can always move up into a higher price range. At a higher cost, you will get way higher speeds. Some RC cars can even go as fast as 150+ MPH. If you decide to go this route, be sure to check out some of our other RC car reviews.