The Top 3 Off Road Power Wheels Reviewed

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Have you ever wanted to teach your kids a little about driving? To get them behind the wheel at an early age so that they have an easier time in the future when they’re old enough to start driving a real vehicle?

Or perhaps you just want to give your kids a bit of motorized fun so that they can roam around in the garden and have a bit of fun? Either way, Power Wheels are the ultimate kid-friendly motorized vehicle that is making waves in the toy industry now.

We took a look at dozens of power wheels on the market and came up with this list of ones that we think are the best. These power wheels are the best in regard to quality, but also, price.

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Best Power Wheels For Off Road

1. Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Dune Racer Review

The Power Wheels Dune Racer

The Power Wheels Dune Racer, green is a two-seater Power Wheels toy that your kids will love. It’s large, they can drive their friends around, and there’s plenty of power underneath the hood!


  • A monster traction system that drives on everything from wet grass to rough sand and hard surfaces, making it excellent for any kind of terrain your kids drive it on
  • It can drive 2.5 and 5 mph when accelerating forward and 2.5 mph when reversing, giving it great speed for a Power Wheels car
  • It comes with metal sidebars to give support for your child, and also means that parents can hold onto the side if required
  • Two seats so that your child can bring a friend along for the ride!
  • It has a power lock braking system that makes it easier to stop when required
  • It comes with a 12-volt battery and charger
  • It’s painted in a bright green with an off-road aesthetic, making it an attractive choice for kids of all ages

About the Power Wheels Dune Racer

This Power Wheels Dune Racer comes with a wonderful off-road aesthetic and a green colour scheme that looks absolutely fantastic. The construction is mostly plastic so it can sustain damage without breaking down entirely, making it a good choice for kids that are known to be a little rough with their toys.

One of the biggest advantages of this Power Wheels Dune Racer is that it has seat for two children. This means that your child can invite a friend over and they can drive wherever they want as a duo. The dune racer is also surprisingly large compared to any online photographs that you’ll see, and it can even support an adult if you want to try it out. The construction feels very sturdy despite being all in plastic, so it will definitely sustain the weight of an adult or two children without any problem.

However, one disadvantage is that it can be quite noisy because the construction is plastic. It’s also not very good at staying put when driven on asphalt but does fantastically in grass, mud and also other types of rough terrain.

Luckily, the Power Wheels Dune Racer is also one of the safer Power Wheels vehicles around. This is because it sits very low to the ground, meaning that there’s very little risk of it tipping over and hurting your child while they’re operating it. It does mean that there is a little less visibility for your kids, and this can often lead to them misjudging just how low the dune racer is. It can easily fit under certain larger vehicles and spaces, so do take caution when you’re letting your child drive the vehicle around parking lots.


The Power Wheels Dune Racer is a well-built car toy that your kids will absolutely love. The colours are great, the design is fantastic and the build quality is surprisingly sturdy. It comes with lots of unique features and the extra seat means it’s a great toy to have around for when your kids invite their friends over. For the price, it’s also great value for what you’re getting and we would highly recommend it.

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2. Aosom Off-Road Truck

Aosom Off-Road Truck Review

The Aosom Off-Road Truck

The Aosom 12V Off-Road Truck is a rather unique off-road Power Wheels toy. While not officially a part of the Power Wheels brand, it’s essentially the same thing–a toy car designed for kids. However, does this compromise the quality, or does it live up to expectations?


  • The Aosom Off-Road Truck can be operated with the foot pedal and steering wheel, but also a supplied remote control
  • It’s equipped with features you would find in a regular car such as doors that open, a horn, headlights, a trunk and even wing mirrors
  • It offers MP3 connectivity for playing music on external devices
  • It features a powerful 12V twin motor that gives it quite a kick
  • The motor also gives it better performance on rough terrain and also grass
  • The seat is spacious, providing your child with a lot of room and a comfortable seat
  • There’s also a safety belt for extra protection, but this doesn’t mean you should let your child use it unsupervised

About the Aosom Off-Road Truck

The Aosom Off-Road Truck is a surprisingly powerful Power Wheels alternative. As mentioned already, it’s not officially a Power Wheels vehicle but does pack a lot of features that even the Power Wheels vehicles don’t have in most of their models. With a 12V twin motor, it delivers a very surprising amount of power.

The spacious seat and comfortable padding make it an excellent vehicle for children. It also means that your kids are less likely to grow out of it anytime soon and they’ll continue to use it thanks to the sturdy construction and well-built frame. The seatbelt also makes it rather safe, but this is no excuse to leave your kids in the vehicle and neglect checking up on them.

One of the major complaints is that it can be quite difficult to put together. It will require an afternoon or more and the instructions aren’t exactly the best, but they get the job done and it will be quite the experience to work together with your kids to put together their new Off-Road truck. Luckily this is one of the only complaints that we could think of, so if you’re fine putting it together, there’s no issue here.


For the price, this is an excellent Power Wheels alternative if you can stomach not getting the “official” brand. While it’s a little hard to put together, you’d be surprised at just how high quality the construction is and how powerful this cheaper alternative can be.

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3. Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer Review

The Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

As an alternative colour scheme to the regular Dune Racer, can this unique design be enough to win over owners of the original, or does it make a great alternative for children that have yet to own a Power Wheels vehicle?


  • A unique Batman-themed blue and yellow colour with extra details like Batwing fenders
  • Comes with a secret storage compartment for superhero accessories
  • Monster traction system that enables it to travel on anything such as wet grass, rough sand, hard surfaces. This gives it a fantastic off-road quality that sets it apart from others in the Power Wheels series
  • Capable of 2.5 and 5 mph forward drive, and also 2.5 mph reversing speed
  • It comes with metal sidebars that can be used for support, and also allows parents to grip the vehicle easily if needed
  • Two seats that mean your child can travel with a friend
  • Power lock braking system to make it easily stop when your child needs to break
  • 12-volt battery and charger


About the Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

This unique colour and detail give the Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer a unique aesthetic when compared to the other Power Wheels Dune Racers. Although the body and construction are mostly the same, it does come with interesting accents and a hidden storage compartment. For owners of the current Power Wheels Dune Racer, it’s probably not a purchase that you’re dying to make unless you or your child love the Batman series.

Since it does come with that superhero aesthetic, some people would argue that this new iteration of the Power Wheels Dune Racer can help your kids have more fun and pretend that they’re also a superhero. This is a fantastic reason to upgrade to the Batman edition of the Dune Racer, but it’s not for all kids. Unless they already have a love for the Batman series, you’re probably better off saving your cash and getting a different model or waiting for an upgrade because it’s essentially the same as the previous models.

However, if you’ve yet to purchase a Power Wheels vehicle for off-road use, then the Batman Dune Racer is a fantastic piece of kit. It’s sturdy just like the base model, it’s safe, powerful enough for kids and comes with two seats. It’s quite loud, but the plastic construction helps to keep it sturdy so that should it bump into anything or run over rocks, it won’t break down and will continue to power through. It’s not difficult to put together and is ultimately a fantastic gift for your kids.


For owners of the previous Dune Racer, you’d have to be a Batman fan to really appreciate buying the same vehicle but with a unique colour scheme. For those that don’t own a Dune Racer, your kids will absolutely love this and it’s a recommended purchase just like the original.

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What Are Power Wheels?

Power Wheels are battery-operated ride-on toy cars are excellent for both giving your kids a bit of experience behind the wheel and also giving them a lot of fun. The designs are interesting enough to get your kid’s attention, and there are plenty of styles that they can pick from. Whether you want to see your child in a mini jeep or a sporty race car, there are lots of options that you can pick from that will give you hours of fun with your children.

In fact, even adults can fit in some of the larger cars to race around and ride with their kids! It’s fun for the whole family and you’d be surprised at how enjoyable it can be to drive around with your children in your garden, in a park or even up and down a quiet suburb.

Does Power Wheels Offer Benefits for My Children?

Absolutely! In addition to being a lot of fun to ride, Power Wheels can help kids build up sensorimotor skills, coordination and even spatial thinking. This is because kids learn by actively getting involved in an activity, and in the case of driving their Power Wheels, they’ll start learning the skills almost immediately to become a better (toy car) driver.

Whether it’s learning to reserve, watch for obstacles as they drive or simply learn the directions left and right, there’s plenty of lessons that they can learn from simply driving around in their Power Wheels vehicle. This will quickly help your kids develop new skills in a short amount of time and also makes it an enjoyable experience.

Not only does it help with their motor skills, but it can also pique their imagination. Some kids like to race up and down imaginary tracks they’ve built, some like to pretend that they’re going to work just like their parents, and some like to haul around other vehicles and trolley accessories to pretend they’re transporting goods. There’s plenty of positives when it comes to Power Wheels, and it’s definitely one of the hottest toys available on the market today.

Types of Power Wheels

There are many different types of Power Wheels available. Whether it’s the colour you choose, the car body style or even the engine speed, there’s a lot of choices to pick from and it’s generally a good idea to speak with your kids and get to know their preferences so you can choose one to buy together. Power Wheels can also be driven off-road, making them perfect for backyards and open spaces that provide your kids with a safe driving environment.

Power Wheels are the ultimate toy for your kids to play with and they certainly won’t be disappointed if you surprise them with one as a gift!

Power Wheels Video

Here is a video of an off-road power wheels race: