5 Best RC Planes For Beginners


The Top 5 Remote Control Airplanes For Beginners Reviewed The world of Remote Controlled (RC) plane piloting has a lot to offer the newcomer. Pilots of all ages can enjoy the exciting, relaxing and therapeutic hobby in virtually any surroundings and in most weathers. It’s fun to do on your [...]

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Best RC Submarines With Camera


Best Remote Control Submarines With Camera Sometimes things like drones and RCs seem frivolous, or more like tools than toys. This can certainly be the case, but not always. Drones can be used for things like roof inspections, or real estate photography. In the same way, submarines with cameras can [...]

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Best RC Helicopter Under $150


The Best RC helicopters under $150 For someone looking to get into flying RC helicopters, there are many choices out there. There are beginner RCs, Hobby grade RCs, electric powered, gas powered, coaxial, and multi-rotor options, which can be quite confusing. In this article, we help you navigate these confusing [...]

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Best Remote Control Airplane For Adults


Remote control airplanes are loads of fun. They may be mostly marketed to kids, but flying RC planes can be a super fun hobby for adults as well. When purchasing an RC plane as an adult, there are certain things to look for in a plane. If you are buying [...]

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